PTSD Dog Application Inquiry

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Please note that we can only place balance dogs with clients that reside in the Massachusetts and Southern New England area.

At this time we only match PTSD service dogs with veterans and first responders.

Are you a first responder (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS) or Military? In accordance with our 501c3 status at this time we are only able to provide PTSD dogs to veterans and first responders.

Have you been diagnosed with PTSD by a medical/mental health professional?
We require documentation of your diagnosis. Are you willing to provide documentation to our group?
IF you answered "no" above please explain
IF you are military what is your current status?
IF you are discharged, did you receive an honorable discharge?
IF You are military: Are you willing to provide a copy of your DD214?
IF you are a first responder what is your current status? (i.e. still working, retired, etc.)
Where do you live? (City and State)
Please explain what you would like a PTSD service dog to do for you
Why do you think a service dog would be a good fit for you?