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Do you work from home? Are you a stay-at-home parent? Maybe raising kids and homeschooling? Possibly Retired? Balance and Service K9s needs volunteer puppy raisers, also known as training assistants, for our service dog program!
BASK is one of the only service dog program in the country that provides dogs to our clients at no cost to them, so we rely on volunteer puppy raisers.

The training assistant commitment is usually either full time (Monday through Friday) or part time (Friday through Sunday) every week for 18 months. We ask that you attend training classes or field trips with your puppy every week, and have the puppy accompany you everywhere once the puppy reaches an appropriate age. We will guide you from puppy K to advanced obedience to service dog training.  All medical, food, and equipment costs are paid by BASK. All we ask you to provide is a crate, a few treats and LOTS of love.    

Plus, Your mileage and all costs associated with your puppy are 100% tax deductible.

Apply to be a Training Assistant HERE!

Training Assistant Testimonials

There have been many occasions where I have been asked “how can you just give a puppy back?” or “isn’t it a lot of work for very little reward?” and every time, my answers remain the same. How could I not return a puppy when it changed someone’s whole world? And the reward of seeing a goofy, silly puppy transform into a mature and unfaltering companion for a client far outweighs the sadness of losing one. I have had the incredibly pleasure of being a part of raising 3 service dog puppies, and I look forward to raising many more.” -Jillian



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