Sponsor a Puppy!

Have you ever wondered what goes into raising a puppy to become a service dog? Want to help out but can’t raise a puppy at home? We have the perfect opportunity for you!


  • Get email updates
  • Get photos at different stages of the training
  • Have “Meet and Greets” with your sponsored pup!

How do I sponsor a dog?

The cost to sponsor a dog is a $500+ donation to our organization. To start the process and to pick from the dogs currently or close to being in our program please email  info@bask9.org

What would my money go to?

Total cost for BASK to raise a puppy is approximately $8000.00.  If the pup is sick or injured in any way, that cost will rise

Cost breakdown for raising a puppy is:

  • Cost for a healthy, well bred puppy:  $2000.00 (our puppies are all donated by Lee Kohlenberger of Berkshire Poodles in Pittsfield, MA)
  • Food, chews, treats (We feed Fromm):  $65.00 x 18 months = $1500.00
  • Vet (Our veterinarian is Medway Animal Hospital, they give us a substantial discount on services): Vaccinations, spays, neuters, Seresto collars, health clearances and gastropexies as well as monthly (discounted) chiropractic care by Dr Sarah Mizzoni = $3000.00
  • Training equipment (Cody’s donates leashes and collars) crates, x pens, training collars, long lines, beds, toys, etc. = $1500.00
  • Training–all training is donated by the staff of Alpha Dog K9 Training.
  • Puppy raiser time, energy and patience as well as showing up every week–priceless.