Apply for a Service Dog

Thank you for your interest in a BASK dog. To begin your application process submit an inquiry below. Please be sure to select the program that fits your specific needs, as the initial inquiries are specific to each program. 

*Please note that we only place dogs with clients who live in the Massachusetts and Southern New England area.* 

Some additional information to consider before you apply:

  • We do not place dogs on a first come, first serve basis. If you are approved, we cannot guarantee how long your wait for a service dog will be. We do our best to provide dogs in a timely manner, but matches are determined by the strengths of our dogs in training and the needs of our clients.  
  • We are using Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs for our balance program and local shelter dogs for our PTSD program. Swissies are a giant breed dog (over 100 lbs.) and our shelter dogs have a high work drive and need a lot of room to be properly exercised. 
  • We require a fenced yard for our balance dogs. 
  • Swissies have a thick undercoat and do shed. They are not hypoallergenic.
  • BASK does not charge the client for the dog, but the average cost to maintain one of our dogs is approximately $200.00 a month.  The client will be responsible for medical insurance for their dog.
At this time, we are not accepting new balance applications.
Please check back for updates.

To submit a PTSD Dog inquiry please use the link below. 


Please note that our PTSD program provides service dogs for Veterans, First Responders & Corrections Officers.
Military Service PTSD Dog Application

First Responder PTSD Dog Application