Apply for a Dog

Thank you for your interest in a BASK service dog.

To begin your application process, please read our parameters below. If you think we are a fit for you, please fill out the application linked below. Upon reciept of the completed application, you will be contacted for a phone interview and an in person interview at our Medway facility.


*Please note that we only place dogs with clients who live in the Massachusetts area.*


Some additional information to consider before you apply:


  • We do not place dogs on a first come, first served basis. If you are approved, we cannot guarantee how long your wait for a service dog will be. We do our best to provide dogs in a timely manner, but dog/client matches are determined by the strengths of our dogs in training and the needs of our clients.
  • We are using Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs for our balance program and standard poodles for our PTSD program. Swissies are a giant breed dog (over 100 lbs.) and both breeds have a high work drive and need room to be properly exercised.  Dog parks are not an option for service dogs.
  • We require a fully fenced yard for our balance dogs.
  • Swissies have a thick undercoat and shed year round. They are not hypoallergenic.  Poodles are low shed but need to be groomed by a professional every 6 weeks, at a cost of approximately $100.00.
  • BASK does not charge the client for the dog, but the average cost to maintain one of our dogs is approximately $200.00 a month.  The client will also be responsible to maintain medical insurance for their dog.

If you would like to apply please click here.