Meet Our Trainer

My name is Christina Taddei and I have been training dogs professionally in Massachusetts since 1999.  I am a retired police K9 handler, and have loved working with dogs and their owners for many years.   I am a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, the National Association of Police Working Dogs, and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

I started Alpha Dog K9 Training in April of 1999.  I was approached by the CEO of a local service dog organization in 2005 to work in a prison, teaching inmates how to train service dogs.  In my time there, I opened two more prison programs and expanded the string of dogs that I was teaching at one time from 4 to 22.  I was responsible for training not only the inmates, but also the respite trainer families. In 2012 a small group of people who had been respite trainers noticed that there was a section of the disabled population not being fully served by the local service dog community.  They also recognized that lots of the disabled were on fixed incomes and not able to raise the money that most service dog organizations require to purchase a well-trained dog.  They wanted to help.  The BASK organization that we are today was formed with the help of many dedicated and selfless people~our puppy raisers, the insanely talented and giving board of directors, breeders who have so graciously given of their time, knowledge and of course puppies, non-profit specialists, web designers, and on and on…and it became a reality.

I could never have a better, more rewarding job than to work with our service dog candidates and their handlers, and I consider it an honor to do so.