Hear from a handler:

From Halligan’s handler, Rick:  

Halligan has been a tremendous part of my continued healing process.  He is there for me all of the time and most importantly he does this without judgement.  He can sense when my PTSD is triggered, and is able to break the cycle of panic which helps me “reset” my thoughts allowing me to function on a daily basis. My loved ones see something that is so remarkable when I am having night mares (something I often do directly related to what I have been exposed to throughout my career).  I do not remember many times, but they see it in real time.  Halligan wakes me up from flashbacks that I have.  He does this without hesitation, and as many times as necessary throughout the day or night.  He not only breaks this awful cycle, but never leaves my side until he knows that I am mentally ready to move on.  It is quite incredible. Halligan also helps give me purpose.  I have a tremendous responsibility to him and he has one to me, which he takes very seriously. Halligan has also taught me to become more comfortable in public.  One might think that he is a “bulletin board” which screams my disability to the public.  I have found this is certainly not the case.  Almost all the time, individuals do not even realize that Halligan is sitting right next to them.