A little about us:

Enhancing mobility and independence through canine partnership.
We are a non-profit service dog foundation that provides and supports specially trained assistance dogs to enhance mobility and independence through canine partnerships.  We were awarded 501c3 status by the IRS on February 13, 2013.
At this time, BASK is providing balance and PTSD dogs to clients who live in Massachusetts and the Southern New England area only. We focus our dogs to first responders and veterans (both pre and post 9/11). Because all of our dogs are specially trained for each client, our clients must live within a reasonable driving distance of our training facility in Medway, Massachusetts so that they can attend training with their dog. Any disabled veteran or first responders with a medical diagnosis of PTSD is welcome to apply for a service dog. 
BASK does not ask for compensation from our clients for the dogs given to them.  We do ensure that the clients have permanent housing, are able to care for the dog, feed a high quality food and maintain vet care.  We do this to acknowledge the sacrifices that our veterans, law enforcement officers and firefighters have given in our names, and we feel that it’s our privilege to give back to them, in our way.   

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